LeoStatistic 11.11

LeoStatisticsoftware for data presentation and statistical analysis...

LeoStatisticsoftware for data presentation and statistical analysis and prediction. Screenshots:click on picture to enlargeDistributionDistribution of two variables.

Approximation(constructor style interface). 3D view. DOW trend. Free download: leostatistic. zip (622 KB) (leostatistic. exe, leostatistic. hlp, leostatistic.

cnt, leostatisticsetup. exe, leouninstal. exe) Operation system: Window 95/NT and higher. Version: 8. 2 last modification at Aug. 15, 2003. Type: Commercial.

Password protected. Check registration page for more information. Features: Data Import data series from database (MS Access) table, text file, copy/paste from spreadsheet (MS Excel).

Operate with more then one data series at the same time. Virtually unlimited* number of records to present and analyze. Automatically recognize calendar mm/dd/yyyy data format transferring it into yyyy.

yyyy to use for market (currencies, shares, commodities) time trend analyzing. There is an option to modify data series **. Data presentation and statistical analysis.

Histograms of variables distribution and comparison with Student and Poisson curves. X-Y chart of two variable dependence and curve fitting with least square method (variety of user interfaces to chose from), signals revealing and user defined formula.

Automatically best polynomial and Fourie approximation. Three dimensional in perspective projection presentation of variable as function of two arguments and distribution of two variables.

Color map style presentation of function of two arguments and distribution of two variables. Quasi plane and parabolic least square approximation in multidimensional space of arguments (including case of two arguments where the fitting surfaces are visualized.

Nearest neighbors method of estimation value in multidimensional space. A matrix of correlation coefficients of active variables. Results. Data and main statistical results is displayed on the screen in report-ready form.

Statistical formulas and coefficients are shown in result panel. User has ability to copy/paste screen chart as a bitmap picture into MS Office applications as well a content of result panel in form of a table.

There is an option to instantly create a MS Word document with a picture and results reflected to the content of chart screen and content result control.

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